Courses & subjects

In folk high schools in Denmark you can choose between short-term, long-term courses and even mid-term courses.

Long-term courses

The duration of a long-term course is from 8 to 40 weeks. But most long-term courses run for 4 or 5 months.

Almost all folk high schools in Denmark offer long-term courses that give you an opportunity to be immersed in the subjects that you choose, identify your skills, and to live and learn together with the other pupils.

Short-term courses

Short-term courses are ideal if you want to spend a few weeks pursuing your interests or passions, playing music or golf, creating art or poems, or enjoying nature or gastronomy.

You will find people of all ages at short-term courses, as it is usually the content of the courses that determines who chooses them. There are courses for the young ones, for adults, even for families or grandparents with grandchildren.