Actions due to Corona measures

Due to the corona virus, the Danish folk high schools are closed up to and including May 10, 2020. The situation is constantly changing, so stay tuned here.


Danish folk high schools are closed up to and including May 10, 2020.

General questions and answers related to the closure of the folk high schools

If you are an international student and are attending a Danish folk high school, there are probably a lot of questions running through your head.
Should I go home? Can I go home? This is a difficult and unknown situation for all of us and we do not have all the answers. Principally you find your way through this strange time locally at the individual folk high schools.
But here you will find general questions and answers related to the closure of the folk high schools, which we are constantly updating. We hope you can take care of each other (online or keeping a good distance) during this difficult time.

We in the Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark keep ourselves informed on an ongoing basis, but also keep updated on the situation here:

Information from the

Danish authorities about coronavirus / COVID-19.

Danish Immigration Service.


Wednesday evening the 11th of March the Danish Government announced the closure of daycares, schools, universities and public workplaces until the 30th of March.

With the exception of daycares and schoolclasses from 0 - 5, this period is now extended until 10 May.

Students are sent home until 10th of May - contact the individual folk high school

This means that students are sent home during this period. If you are enrolled in a folk high school, or if you have relatives in a folk high school, please contact the individual school for further information.

For boarding school students, it must be agreed locally which students can stay at the school until the school reopens. This might include students that the school does not know where else to send. E.g. it could be international students or students with no other home.

Generally, all students are sent home, but there may be situations where students cannot return home.

It is important that we take care of all young people who live in their schools. They must not feel abandoned while the schools are closed.

The closure should not include young people and other students enrolled in boarding schools, school homes and the like, whose parents reside in Greenland, the Faroe Islands or abroad, or if the conditions in the home are deemed unfit for the young person to return to or if the person concerned does not have a real alternative.

It must be locally agreed which students stay at the school and which students can go home until the school reopens.

Folk high school teaching and life are usually characterized by fellowship and being together. Therefore, it is difficult to practice folk high school teaching when students are not assembled.

However, many folk high schools continue to teach online and publish materials to students in online forums.

It is recommended that folk high schools do not charge student fees after April 1st. Unless you have extensive online teaching that justifies something else. But the first two weeks of closure were "force majeure" where only the diet is reimbursed (for those students who have not attended school for these two weeks).

It is the folk high school's own decision whether to refund any student fee.

When the corona epidemic is over, we need to form strong communities at the folk high schools again. Read more about being admitted to a Danish folk high school here.

Stay updated on SIRI's management of residence permits for a stay at a Danish folk high school here.