Actions due to Corona measures

Based on the latest political negotiations on coronavirus, the Danish folk high schools can reopen from May 27th. The situation is constantly evolving, so stay tuned here.


The Danish folk high schools can reopen from May 27th.

General questions and answers related to the closure of the folk high schools

This is an unknown situation for all of us and we do not have all the answers. Principally you find your way through this strange time locally in dialogue with the individual folk high school.

On this site you will find general questions and answers related to the actions due to Corona measures. Also keep updated on the situation here:


Danish authorities about coronavirus / COVID-19.

Danish Immigration Service.



Updated 27th of May

The folk high schools can now reopen from May 27 - contact the individual folk high school

The government announced on May 7 that the folk high schools are part of the third phase and therefore could open from June 8. The third phase is now advanced for many. Including the folk high schools, whom can reopen from May 27.

The schools have different solutions, so contact each school to know how they handle their courses.

The Ministry of Culture has announced the guidelines for reopening and now the folk high schools are working hard to get ready to receive students again.


Wednesday evening the 11th of March the Danish Government announced the closure of daycares, schools, universities and public workplaces.

This means that students were sent home during this period.


Updated May 26

 In the guidelines for reopening the folk high schools is says that the folk high schools is divided into family groups and that special rules apply to those.

You will be instructed both before the course and when you arrive to the folk high school. And we hope, of course, that together we can create good and vibrant folk high school, while at the same time ensuring that we avoid infecting each other. Instead, we can infect with joy and life enlightenment, which is the core of the folk high school.

Family Groups

Students are organized into family groups. Within the family group, you do not have to comply with the recommendation for a minimum of 1-meter distance. There must be approximately 8 students in a family and the family group is defined according to the physical layout of the school. A family group can share rooms, toilets, baths, etc..

Distance requirements

In the reopening guidelines on teaching it says that the 1-meter distance requirement applies to anyone outside the same family group. Some activities require a distance of 2 meters. This applies to community singing and some other activities. This applies to participants who are not in the same family group. There must also be a 2 meters distance between teacher / lecturer and first row.

The seating arrangements should ensure 1-meter distance. This applies unless the students belong to the same family group.


As in the rest of society, there are higher requirements for cleaning than before. Several areas need to be cleaned twice daily. This applies to shared toilets, tables and contact points, e.g. taps, toilet buttons, toilet seats, table surfaces, door handles, handrails, armrests, light switches and the like. Students can participate in cleaning if the guidelines are adhered to.

At least once a day, trash cans are emptied or before they are filled. Rooms and indoor common areas are also cleaned daily.

Principally, it is sufficient to clean with water and soap.

Come by car or travel outside peak hours

We encourage you to get to the folk high school by car, and if you come by public transport, travel outside of peak hours. You may be asked to arrive at a specific time interval, so we avoid large gatherings upon arrival.



Updated May 26

Yes, persons who are to attend a folk high school program in Denmark is on the Danish police list of persons with a worthy purpose.

Please note:

  • Students can travel into Denmark from May 27.
  • Students must bring an enrollment letter from the folk high school. It should be on the folk high school’s letterhead.
  • Students must bring typical required documentation, such as passports, residence cards, health cards etc.
  • A print from the police corona website is recommendable to bring, see here:

Updated June 8th

Yes, Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration’s (SIRI) continues to process applications for residence permits.

There is a long processing time for residence permit at the moment - expect 3 months

SIRI has a 60 days service goal starting the day they have received all the relevant documentation, but due to COVID 19, expect longer processing times.

Extension of the biometric features (facial photo and fingerprints)

Normally you must have your biometric features recorded no later than 14 days after submitting your application. Due to the extraordinary situation the deadline for having your biometric features recorded has been extended until 1. July 2020 for application submitted from 15 February 2020.

This means that you must have you biometric features recorded no later than on the 1 July 2020 after you submit your application.

It is your own responsibility to keep track of the situation in the place where you are currently staying and of the possibility to have your biometric features recorded. Read more about the extension.

Read more: 

The Danish Immigration Service and the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration’s official web portal about the rules for entering and residing in Denmark.

Yes, we recommend you take a COVID-19 test upon your trip to Denmark or as soon as possible when you arrive. If you have any symptoms, such as fever, dry cough and breathing difficulties, we recommend you postpone your trip. If you experience symptoms after arriving to the school, you should isolate at a dedicated room at the school.

Come by car or travel outside peak hours

We encourage you to get to the folk high school by car. If you come by public transport, travel outside of peak hours. You may be asked to arrive at a specific time interval, so we avoid large gatherings upon arrival.

Edit: April 16. 2020

It is recommended that the folk high schools reimburse your payment 100% if you have been sent home and haven’t received extensive online teaching. If you have received extensive online teaching or/and have been living at the school, this could justify something else.

What happens if I unsubscribe?

The folk high schools have their individual rules if you unsubscribe. Therefore: check the folk high schools’ website if you want to know what the terms are. In many schools, you can pay a cancellation fee, which guarantees you the money back regardless of the reason for unsubscribing.

Can I get money back from a cancelled study trip?

Updated april 16. 2020

The rules are complex. Contact the individual folk high school.


Many have an opinion on whether it is justifiable to have courses at the folk high schools or not. The health authorities believe that it is safe to reopen the folk high schools from May 27.

It is the Ministry of Culture that sets the framework for how to uphold folk high school activities while at the same time taking into account infection and health.

The Ministry writes in the reopening guidelines that teaching at folk high schools should take place preferably physical at the school. Schools must continue to take health considerations into the organization of teaching to prevent the spread of infection. However, the teaching must as far as possible comply with the usual academic requirements. For health reasons, there may be some changes in weekly hours and physical presence.

That is why the folk high schools are now preparing to organize the teaching in new ways, with distance, higher hygiene requirements, handling infection risk and more.