Brenderup Højskole

The school belongs to the circle of contemporary Danish Folk High Schools. It was founded in 1986 in the Old Brenderup Inn, as the only Danish Folk High School with specific emphasis on peace studies. It is a highly international school, where people of all nationalities and walks of life come to live and learn together.

About the school

Brenderup Folk High School is a Grundtvigian school with a warm atmosphere,
situated on the island of Fyn between the cities of Middelfart and Odense.

A stay at Brenderup Folk High School is an experience for life. Here,
you can hone both your practical, social and creative skills - forget time and
place, take time to wonder about life and the world around you.

We build our school on the teachings of N.F.S.Grundtvig, who believed that through dialogue, teachings and social interaction, you will learn valuable lessons about life.
Personal involvement, life values and participation in the world around us means a great deal to this school. At the same time, we believe in challenging your practical abilities. Therefore, we offer a line of studies which will be
valuable in both your personal and professional life. We make room for you to
voice your opinion - and we expect you to respect the opinions of others. We
will work hard to ensure that your stay at Brenderup Folk High School is a time
of learning opportunities, great quality of life, a warm sense of community and
an experience which you will remember fondly.

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Our core subjects

International Course
Study Trips (more than 2 weeks)
Sustainabilty og Ecology
Outdoor Life
Danish for Foreigners

Courses and topics

Choose between more than 47 different topics

At the Academy of InterCultural Learning (Brenderup Højskole), you can choose from a broad variety of subject - and this may pretty much make your own schedule. You do have to have full schedule.

Try new things or explore a subject in depth - Up to you.

Overview of categories

Practical information

How to find us....: Brenderup Højskole

How to get to us...: Travel app

There are several other options. Cheapest is Flix-bus

Overall - Find your way to Middelfart Station - and take a bus to Brenderup. The busstop is right in front of the school :-)