European Film College

European Film College offers an internationally acknowledged film foundation programme and accepts students from all over the world. It is a residential school, and both students, teachers, and Principal live on campus.

About the school

Your career in film and media starts here!

The film foundation programme at European Film College is for all film loving Danish and international young people over 18! The school gives you a unique opportunity to uncover your talent, find your own creative voice and figure out if the film business is something for you.

European Film College takes in 120 students from around the world every year (minimum 50% Danish students, though), so you will get a huge international film network. All teaching is in English. There are no requirements of experience or anything, you just have to be 18 and have a passion for film and storytelling! 

Among the most famous former students in the Nordic countries are actor Pilou Asbæk (GoT, 'Borgen', 'Lucy'), director/screenwriter Nikolaj Arcel ('The Dark Tower', 'A Royal Affair', 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'), director Joachim Trier ('Reprise', 'Louder Than Bombs', 'Thelma'), cinematographer Charlotte Bruus ('Girl on a Train', 'A Quiet Place', 'The Hunt'), director Michael Noer ('Papillon, 'R' and 'Northwest'), cinematographer Fabian Wagner ('Game of Thrones', 'Justice League') and many more... 

Our core subjects

Information Technology
International Course
Media Literacy
Audio Engineering
Light and Sound

Courses and topics

During the film foundation programme you will get the chance to take courses in the following areas of film:

  • directing
  • acting
  • camera
  • documentary
  • editing
  • sound design
  • screentwriting
  • producing
  • lighting

You do not pick a specific 'major', you need to take at least 3 different basic courses in the fields mentioned above. A stay at European Film College is about widening your horizon and perhaps finding undiscovered talent, and it is also about learning that film is a collective art form, so a filmmaker must know about collaboration and cross-disciplinary communication.

Besides the hands-on teaching with our professional film teachers you will participate in numerous film productions, screenings, lectures with filmmakers from all over the world, workshops, creative societies and  more...

Students at European Film College produce more than 100 films all together during their stay.

Film equipment and facilities
European Film College has a fully equipped 360 m2 film studio, a large 3D digital cinema (209 seats), a smaller cinema (46 seats), up-to-date HD camera and editing equipment, a film library with more than 4000 titles and much more...

Visit our website for more detailed information!

Practical information


Students have to be 18 years of age and be able to speak and understand English. Apart from working with film, students are expected to do kitchen and cleaning duties as a part of the classical tradition within the Danish folk high school.

All 120 students live on campus. Most students share a room two by two (a Danish and an international student), but 16 single rooms are also available on request (additional cost).

The teachers are all recruited from the professional production environment and also represent different countries.

The cost for the 8 1/2 month program is app. 94,000 DKK. This includes tuition fee, a student trip, accommodation, food and the use of all film facilities. Read more about fees and payment.

European Film College is located beautilfully in the small town of Ebeltoft (eastern Jutland), right by the sea. It is a residential school that accomodates 120 students, most of the teachers and the Prinicipal. 

Nearest major town is Aarhus (45 km).

International airport 30 minutes away.

Sports centre (with a gym and a swimming pool) 10 minutes walk from the school.

Shopping opportunities 15 minutes walk from the school.