International Apostolic Bible College

Do you want to make a difference and stand stronger?
 Through teaching, fellowship, practical involvement, travels and mentoring you will be clarified and equipped for a life of meaning and influence. Together with people from the whole world, we go deep, understanding and applying faith, building a strong, long-lasting foundation for a great life.

About the school

International Apostolic Bible College is a Church-based Bible college, equipping you to target a mission greater than yourself. No matter what life brings afterwards, you will stand stronger in your full potential.

Leadership, social mission, praise & worship, and the supernatural are our 4 strengths. Through the practical involvement in local, relevant church, you dive deeper according to your preferences. 

The school brings you closer to a clarified identity, closer to God, closer to other people and cultures. You will learn to understand the Bible and its relevance today. Here we build the foundation to take leadership and make a positive impact on the world around you. In general, expect to go through a tremendous transformation during your stay.

We are an international boarding environment with many nationalities represented both among staff and students and we travel abroad three times a year. All teaching is in English. 

Every student has her/his own mentor and meets every other week. 

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Our core subjects

Taught in English
Religious Knowledge
Rhythmic Music
Project Management

Courses and topics

Achieve greater understanding of call and personal strengths. Gain reflection on leadership theories and models. Practical application and understanding of leadership and management happens through local churches.

Social mission
Abilities and knowledge to make a different to the most vulnerable in our society. Project management, fundraising and communication are also covered in social mission. Hands-on learning through food bank, drop-in centre and family network. 

Teaching in the supernatural gives a biblical view, knowledge & understanding of what a supernatural lifestyle looks like. Learning takes place through workshops and personal experience. 

Praise and creativity
There are rich opportunities to work with rhythmic band, singing, light and sound engineering. Creation of atmosphere and culture in church services and events is also covered. 

Biblical theology is providing an overview of the Bible, deeper studies of parts of it, and doctrine. The approach is life application.

Practical involvement and learning
Weekly involvement in local, relevant churches has high value. Furthermore, students take part in a number of church events in Denmark. 


Practical information

Our school is placed in a beautiful park with its own small lake and a view over the city and the fjord. Town centre or the nature surrounding Kolding is never far away.

Everyone is living in double rooms with a roomie, although single rooms are also optional. Toilet and showers are common. Wireless internet, library, access to sports hall and fitness room. Possibility of accommodation of vegetarian or diet needs. 

The practical work related to cleaning and kitchen is shared and done in cooperation. 

Would you like to pay a visit and meet the wonderful students and brilliant teachers, see our facilities and experience life at the school, you are more than welcome. You only need to pay the transport. We offer 2 days for free for you who has not yet been a student at our school. Please book your visit here