Mariager Højskole

Mariager Bible College can be summarized in the word "discipleship". It is for you who desire to know God and yourself better while you are challenged and growing in your personal gifts and make a difference for others.


About the school

The College aims at investing into your life and dreams. Together with our devoted teachers, you will dig deep into the bible. Your personal life coach will help you make your dreams become a reality. Our challenging practices will give you the opportunity to reach your potential in practical service.

Mariager Bible College

Our core subjects

International Course
Project Management
Youth Culture
Religious Knowledge

Courses and topics

Mariager Bible College offers different streams that covers different subjects. When you sign up you chose which stream you prefer.

Discipleship Expand your understanding of the Bible and its application to your life. Develope the understanding of your identity and mature as a discipel. Develope your unique ministry style and discover your gifts and talents. Get to know God's guidance and ministry for your life.

Theology Gives you a deeper insight into the Bible.Equips you to express yourself more clearly and more academically in writing.
Challenges you to reflect theologically.

Leadership Christian leadership teaching which will equip you and shape you to be a leader in your own life, your church, and the world we are living in.
Theological reflection, which will help you to apply biblical theology to the challenges of the contemporary church as well as the societal dilemmas Christians are facing today.

Study Explore a self-chosen topic, for instance Theology, Spirituality, Leadership, Missiology, Media, Music. Study your bachelor degree in applied theology. Invest in your personal development.

Practical information

Experience Mariager Bible College 1 week!

We are proud to welcome you to EXPERIENCE the Bible College for one week free of charge whenever it suits your calendar. Call us and we’ll prepare all the practical matters. Many have done this and we are confident that your reaction will be similar to theirs: You’ll love it!

Contact us through our homepage or call us and booke your visit.

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