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Musik og Teaterhøjskolen

Meet other young students interested in music, audio engineering, singing, electronic music, dance, theatre and contemporary circus. Enjoy our creative atmosphere. We create a free space for you to develop personally, meet new friends, immerse yourself into your interests, become a part of a creative community or just 'get an experience for life'.

About the school

Main Subjects
Musik og Teaterhøjskolen has special emphasis on music, electronic music, singing (vocal), audio engineering, contemporary dance, theatre, and contemporary circus. Classes in these subjects are designed for both the student at beginner level as well as the more experienced student.

The professional quality of the teaching is of such a high standard that many of our students continue their studies in music and theatre at institutions of further and higher education.
There are no academic requirements for admittance and there are no exams - However, you receive a diploma as a proof of your attendance.

The length of the school semester varies between 14 and 24 weeks depending on whether you choose the autumn or the spring term.

Optional Subjects
Apart from tuition in the schools seven main subjects each student has the opportunity to choose between a number of optional subjects.

The school semester also includes a large number of lectures on various topics, live concerts with professional artists, theatre performances, and excursions. Most of these lectures are simultaneously translated into English by use of a wireless headset arrangement.

Our core subjects

Electronic Music
Preparation for Performing Arts Education
Audio Engineering
Rhythmic Music

Courses and topics

Read more about the various main subjects at our home page




Audio Engineering


Contemporary Dance

Electronic Music

Contemporary Circus


Next semesters:

Autumn semster 2018
5th August till 22nd December

Spring semester 2019
6th January till 22nd June

Autumn semester 2019
4th August till 21st December

Spring semester 2020
5th January till 20th June


Practical information

The main subjects at our school are audio engineering, dancemusic, vocal (singing)theatre, electronic music, and contemporary circus as well as many different elective subjects. You can combine your semester at our school according to your interests.

The average age is 20-21, however, you have to be at least 17½ at the start of the semester.

Personal development, creativity, social skills, communication is a focal point. Your participation is required in the daily life of the school: morning assemblies, your main subject, elective subjects and social gatherings.

Spring and Autumn semester
The length of the school semester varies between 14 and 24 weeks depending on whether you choose the autumn or the spring term.

School fee for tuition, board and lodging is per week1.490 DKK
Study tour abroad 3.990 DKK
Admission fee incl. bank fee 2,290 DKK*)
Solo tuition (optional) paid separately.
Bed linen per week (optional) 35 DKK
Bedding (duvet, pillow, mattress) per week (optional)20 DKK

*Out of the admission fee, 200 DKK is for your room deposit. The rest is used for photocopies, arrangements (theatre plays/concerts etc) and other expenses during your stay.

School Type

Specialised Schools



The prices are specified under 'Practical Information'.

As an international student, you may be able to optain a scholarship.
For further information about scholarship, please contact us at

About accommodation

Accomodations: 65

We have around 65 students per semester.
Most of our students live in double rooms with one roomie of the same gender.
We may be able to offer a single room. The extra price for a single room is DKK 300.- per week.


Study Trip
Each semester includes a study trip. The study trip goes to the cultural metrolpolis of Berlin. During many years, we have developed a close net of contacts in the city which enables you to have exciting experiences and new inspiration.


In the beginning of 2018, we chose to start a process of conversion to organic food. In the beginning of May 2019, we obtained the Organic Cuisine Label in silver.

We offer daily special food for vegetarians, vegans and persons with allergies.

Conference and rental facilities

Rental for day / evening events such as meetings, conferences or lectures and the like. Accommodates 350 seated people in the big theater hall. In addition, several smaller meeting rooms. Rental of facilities also possible.

Contact school

Musik og Teaterhøjskolen
Herrestedgade 8
6520 Toftlund

Phone number: 74 83 01 04
Manager: Sascha Haunstrup Qvortrup