Rønde Højskole

Rønde Højskole is a boarding school for young adults. Study Danish language and culture, arts and crafts, international politics, sports and much more. Plenty of room to discuss, develop your skills and discover a new way of thinking.

About the school

Rønde Højskole stands for a liberated outlook with room and space for discussion and dialogue. We will, with common efforts, build up an atmosphere of togetherness where the necessity to take a personal decision and show engagement is important. The teaching is based on dialogue and talk. An atmosphere dominated by intensity and liveliness on the rim of the beautiful hills of Mols and close to Aarhus.

Our core subjects

Preparation for admission to Schools of media and journalism
Preparation for admission to Health education
Study Trips (more than 2 weeks)
Preparation for admission to Teacher Education
Natural Science

Courses and topics

You make your time schedule from these classes:

Danish as a foreign language

Art and crafts

Music and drama


Outdoor activities

Comparative Religion

Ethics and philosophy


Social welfare studies

Practical information