Vrå Højskole

Use Vrå Højskole to get better suited for the education of your dreams within the creative field. Immerse yourself in your interests with others. The school is known for photography, music, art, ceramic and textile design - but we can also offer more exotic topics such as podcast and entrepreneurship . Get friendships for life at Vrå Højskole.

About the school

At Vrå Højskole you can immerse yourself in a particular area like music, photography, design, or art - but you also have the opportunity to try many different subjects and other options.

Many use the school as a lever to get admitted to their education of dreams.

  • Vrå Højskole can improve your photograpy and media skills, so you can apply for the Media Collage in Viborg or the School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus.
  • The school can also help improve your skill and your portfolio in crafts, art, and design - so you easier can get into through design in Herning, the Art Academy or Design School in Kolding.
  • More of the students have had luck to pass the admission test at the Danish Academy of Music and have improved their CV and improved their experience while they where here. On music you have the oppotunity to record your own music and learn to write your own lyrics.

You also have the oppotunity to study school subjects like danish or mathematics and we can also assist your education and development in an STU-program. It does not take any special education or qualification to enter the school but it us a requirement that you are at least 17.5 years at the beginning of your stay.

Our core subjects

Danish for Foreigners
Electronic Music
Ceramics and Raku
Textile Design

Courses and topics

Create your own schedule

Maybe you have not yet figured out what you want to do for a living or which education to pick. But you can easily get a lot out of our school anyway. We have more than 20 subjects at Vrå Højskole so we would like to help you figure out exactly what you are good at.  

Art, Ceramic, Image workshopIllustration and Printing Techniques

body culture, ball games, kickboxing

E-music, music, music theory, song writing

Text & images:
Media, photography, litterature, told! podcast + your story

Needle & thread:

Danish as 2nd language

Life & dialog:
News, Grow up

Come visit us and experience our school. You can try a guided tour along with your parents, friends - or maybe your guidance counselor. You also have the oppotunity to test a full days stay - for free, and if you are a college student we can organize an excursion for the entire class.

Practical information

Everyday life:
We start the day with breakfast and morning assembly. The mornings goes by with your choosen subjects until we all meet again for lunch. After a short break the afternoon continues with more subjects. There may be events after dinner.

Wireless fiber connection on the entire school. Access to the local fitness center. The schools workshops are open 24/7

Be mindful of others:
It is important to respect and help others. All students are assigned to dormitories where they take part in the cleaning and kitchen duty.

At Vrå Højskole you have an unique oppotunity for guidance counseling. This applies for both study, career, and mentor guidance.

Wednesdays in uneven weeks:
Every second wednesday there is communal eating in the evening at the school. Here local visitors from town and surrounding area comes by.

Practical info:
No smoking indoors. Special diet to allergics, diabetics and vegetarians may be taken into account when signing up.

Vrå Højskole is located in Northern Jutland, there is 45 km from Aalborg and 15 km from Hjørring, Brønderslev, and the North Sea. The train stops in Vrå and there is only 500 m from the station to the school.