10 Lessons from the Folk High School

10 Lessons from the Folk High School is a series of 11 short books, of which this first stands as the introduction. Each of the subsequent volumes examines one characteristic of the folk high school – its origin and its relevance for the past, for the future, for Denmark and for the world at large – and shows how it finds expression in folk high school practice today.

The books

All the books consist of one longer text, unfolding the theme, and then 4 praxis perspectives from practitioners, to get different angles on the theme and to get an insight. It is for both internally between folk high schools, but also other school settings, that wish to become inspired by the folk high school.

0.   A Foray into Folk High School Ideology – the history - Ove Korsgaard

1.   Become Yourself - to be a master of your own life - Leo Komischke-Konnerup

2.   Learn for pleasure - about a curriculum and exam-free school - Lene Tanggaard

3.   Becoming a People - about popular education -Iben Benedikte Valentin

4.   Learn for Life - about life enlightenment - Regner Birkelund

5.   Take Responsibility - about democratic citizenship - Bjørn Hansen

6.   Learn with your Body - by hand and spirit - Helle Winther

7.   Sing Together - about the common song - Dy Plambeck

8.   Tell Stories - about the living word - Hanne Kirk

9.   Learn Together - about experience-based teaching - Johan Lövgren

10. Live Together - about residential schooling - Rasmus Kolby Rahbek

Language and publication

All the books will be published in both English and Danish.

The first book is to come at the beginning of may, while the last book is published in november. From may to november the published books will be launched at different events.

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