• Why Grundtvig’s songs make sense today

    Publiceret 29-04-2020

    STORY Jacob Tybjerg, teacher at Uldum Folk High School and pianist, asks "Why Grundtvig’s songs make sense today" in this story from the book “Sing together” vo..

  • Learning sustainability – grasping the nettle

    Publiceret 23-04-2020

    STORY Nana Gerstrøm Alsted, vice-principal, co-founder, and teacher at Jyderup Folk High School in Denmark, elaborates on how they are "Learning sustainability..

  • To learn from life, for life, throughout your lifetime

    Publiceret 20-02-2020

    STORY Edicio dela Torre, priest, activist and head of the Education for Life Foundation in The Philippines, tells how "To learn from life, for life, throughout..

  • Coming home to oneself

    Publiceret 19-02-2020

    STORY Malthe Ibsen Sørensen, teacher, & Lisbeth Trinskjær, Principal, both at Ubberup Folk High School tells about "Coming home to oneself" in this story from t..

  • Grundtvig’s educational ideas in Nigeria

    Publiceret 18-02-2020

    STORY Kachi A. Ozumba, chair and director of the Grundtvig Movement of Nigeria, tells about "Grundtvig’s educational ideas in Nigeria" in this story from the bo..