A Foray into Folk High School Ideology

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It is rather extraordinary that the Danish folk high school can celebrate its 175 th anniversary, for there is such a world of difference between 1844 and 2019. In A Foray into Folk High School Ideology , Ove Korsgaard traces Grundtvig’s original thinking from 1844 until the present day.

Ove Korsgaard takes three dates – 1864, 1940 and 1968 – each of which heralded a now form of revival, which folk high schools have both been affected by and contributed to. And he asks whether today there is a new revival underway.

Ove Korsgaard

Born in 1942. PhD in Education. Qualified teacher. Former principal of Gerlev Folk High School for Sports and subsequently professor at the Danish School of Education, Århus University. 

Publications include:  Kampen om lyset Dansk voksenoplysning gennem 500 år  ( The Struggle for Enlightenment: Danish Adult Education over 500 years ),  Grundvig rundt  ( A Tour of Grundtvig )and  Solskin for det sorte muld  ( Sunlight for Fertile Soil ).

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