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The pedagogy of the folk high school is nothing if not a human pedagogy, whose aim is the genesis and maintenance of humankind. Folk high school pedagogy is all about challenging individuals to become themselves as self-determining and responsible beings.

So writes Leo Komischke-Konnerup in this, the first volume of  10 Lessons from the Folk High School , and four stories from the everyday life of folk high schools reveal how this lesson is realised in folk high school practice.

Leo Komischke-Konnerup

Born 1960. PhD. and lecturer in pedagogy. Formerly a teacher and headteacher at both state and free schools. Currently head consultant at University College South Denmark. Winner of the Folk High Schools’ Pedagogy Prize in 2016. Author of  Gentagelsens pædagogik (The Pedagogy of Repetition)  and  Menneske eller borger: Skolens pædagogiske grundproblem (Individual or Citizen: School’s core pedagogical problem) .

In addition, contributions from Reghu Rama Das, Bente Kloppenborg, Malthe Ibsen Sørensen & Lisbeth Trinskjær and Lars Andreassen & Kristian Kornerup Bang & Stig Gamborg Hansen.

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