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Grundtvig’s ideas about enlightenment for life continue to be relevant as a critical counterweight to a way of thinking about school and education centred around so called ‘purposeful’ competences and the needs of business.

Regner Birkelund focuses on the concept of enlightenment for life as expressed particularly in Grundtvig, Plato and K.E. Løgstrup, and four narratives reflect aspects of enlightenment in folk high school practice today.

Regner Birkelund

Born in 1952, MSc. in Nursing, PhD. Professor of Patient-Centred Cancer Treatment at Lillebælt Hospital and at the Institute for Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark. Formerly a lecturer at the Institute for Public Health, Århus University. He has been preoccupied with Grundtvig’s thinking for many years and has written, for example,  Livs-Oplysning (Life Enlightenment)  (1998) and  Frihed til fælles bedste (Freedom for the Common Good)  (2008). His article “Var Grundtvig personalist” (Was Grundtvig a Personalist?) was published in  Det relationelle menneske (Relational Man)  in 2015.

In addition, contributions from Inga Schjøtt, Jonas Møller, Simon Finnerup and Hannah Lee.

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