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Links to life and to enlightenment for living became a characteristic of the folk high school and placed it in direct opposition to the traditional so-called ‘Latin’ school, with its heavy emphasis on exams. Learning should be driven by the desire to learn, not by a syllabus, by grades or exams.

Lene Tanggaard submits the exam-free school to careful analysis, while four accounts from a range of viewpoints reveal how this lesson is realised in folk high school practice.

Lene Tanggaard

Born 1973, Professor of Pedagogy at the Department of Communication & Psychology at Aalborg University, where she conducts research into creativity and learning. Winner of the Folk High School’s Pedagogy Prize in 2017. Author of, for example,  I bad med Picasso – sådan bliver du mere kreativ (In bed with Picasso – how to become more creative), Læringsglemsel (Forgetting to Learn), Skolens formal – mellem målstyring og kreativitet (The Aim of School – between managing by objectives and creativity)  and  Uren Pædagogik (Impure Pedagogy) .

In addition, contributions from Christian Hjortkjær, Thomas Vigild, Kachi A. Ozumba and Lars Hazelton.

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