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Human beings have an insatiable desire to reach out and create links with the world – through sensing, through the body. And the interplay between hand and spirit has always been a central part of the unique ideology of the folk high school.

In this volume of Helle Winther explores the pedagogy of the body, and three narratives show how today’s folk high schools work with bodily learning.

Helle Winther

PhD in Dance and Movement Psychology at the Department for Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen. Lecturer and researcher in dance, play, movement psychology and body language. Formerly taught at Gerlev Folk High School.

Co-author and editor of  Fodfæste og himmelkys – undervisningsbog i bevægelse, rytmisk gymnastik og dans  (Feet on the Ground and Kiss the Skies – A coursebook in movement, rhythmic gymnastics and dance) (2015)  and  Kroppens sprog i professionel praksis – om kontakt, nærvær, lederskab og personlig kommunikation  (The Body’s Language in Professional Practice – on contact, closeness, leadership and personal communication) (2012).

In addition, contributions from Helle Winther, Trine Sønderholm Larsen, Axel Lund Olsen & Ulrik H. Kreutzman and Christian Henriksen.

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