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In a time when democracy is constantly being challenged, the need for (young) people to acquire an understanding of democratic values and processes is more pressing than ever. In arguing in favour of Bildung , or edification, that demands that individuals take their share of responsibility for the common good, Bjørn Hansen throws down a challenge to the folk high school, and the four narratives present democratic edification and its dilemmas as they are found in folk high school practice today.

Bjørn Hansen

Director of DeltagerDanmark, a social business company working to involve more people in solving central issues in society. Author of  Deltagereffekten – sådan skaber du handlekraftige fællesskaber (The Participant Effect – how to create active communities)  and  Deltagerdanmark (Participant Denmark) , Bjørn is a former folk high school teacher and director of education.

In addition, contributions from Sigrid Lauenborg Dahl & Mads Philipsen, Edicio dela Torre, Nana Gerstrøm Alsted and Ingrid Frederiksen.

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