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We understand ourselves and each other through small-scale stories. And through our grander ones, we are given a framework for understanding our existence.

This means that story-telling has always been an indispensable element of the folk high schools – as it still is. Hanne Kirk explores the nature of narrative and the possibilities it offers, and four stories show various ways in which it can be brought into play in a pedagogical context.

Hanne Kirk

Born 1966, and graduated as M.A in Dramaturgy and History in 1993. Took a further degree at The Danish School of Journalism in 1991. Folk high school teacher 1993-2000. Currently teaches Story-telling, Drama and Theatre at the Independent Academy for Free School Teaching in Ollerup and Applied Drama and Story-telling for the pedagogical diploma course. Has taught story-telling on a wide range of courses, such as the basic programme for folk high school teaching. She is herself a story-teller and author of  Fagdidaktik I Teater og Drama (Didactics of Theatre and Drama)  (2018).

In addition, contributions from Kristian Kirk, Mads Brendes and Joachim Adrian.

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